On the mark..... Shivam Roy Prabhakar !

 Shivam Roy Prabhakar, still from the sets of 'Yeh Kaisi... Follow Request'

                 If guys I tell you that a teenage lad is doing well in Bollywood as he was involved in Bajrangi Bhaiijaan team as miscellaneous crew then I think it wouldn’t be so shocking but it would definitely be amazing when you guys would come to know that the guy we are talking about, was a topper from his high school time and chosen acting over educational career.

                        He topped the  state  with 9th rank in his state UP, at the same time when media  asked him what would he like to become in his life- doctor, engineer or an IAS? “I want to be an actor and I’m working on it”, he replied. A topper who suggested his juniors to study with a soft music, had not a wish to be an engineer or an IAS. He wanted to become an actor. A student who has topped the state with 9th  rank in high school and still he chosen acting over study.

                    After completing his intermediate,  he moved to Mumbai and  started with Naseeruddin Shah’s movie Charlie kay Chakkar Mein  and then he was involved in Kee Safe Distance movie.  Shivam Roy Prabhakar was involved in Bajrangi Bhaiijaan movie and it was an honour to work with the team like Salman Khan Production, he says all asking about it.

               Prabhakar is now a days working on his project 'Ye Kaisi... Follow Request' a short film which is being produced for being screened at Film Festivals. Asking about future planning , he replies that it’s just starting and he has to do a lot in his life.