Producer Aaditya Pratap Singh turned to an actor for a strong concepted short film

Mumbai: Producer of various short films and also Hindi feature films like Mantostaan, Dr Aaditya Pratap Singh is now going to play a very important role in his next film ‘The Strong Faith’ which is written and directed by Hollywood director Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh. Aaditya recently did Gandhi Memorabilia as producer with Hollywood stars which is all set to release soon in English language. Aaditya told it was a great experience to work with Hollywood stars.

               The movie 'The Strong Faith' would show the love bond between in our relations. It's based on Indian culture of having faith among family members which leads to a long relationship. Aaditya Pratap Singh himself is producing the film under his own film production house named Aaditya Pratap Singh Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Movie is introducing Martina Thariyan and Aaditya Pratap Singh as an actor. Martina is already known for Roadies and Splitvilla. And the matter would be very interesting when we would come to know that a here in this movie the negative role would be played by Sagar Salman Pandey who is better known in Bollywood as Salman Khan's look alike and has done body doubles in many of Bhaijaan's films. Sagar recently has done a feature film named Amir Salman Shahrukh which was mentioned by Salman Khan himself by his twitter official.

               Being a film producer and now an actor Aaditya Pratap Singh is also a social worker. Aaditya has also covered many world records include Guinness World records.